Explore Roatán with Guided Tours

There’s plenty to do right here at Brisas del Mar, but sometimes you want to get out and discover the island.


Land Tours Through Roatán

Pick your adventure and explore everything that Roatán has to offer. Whether you’re interested in visiting a sloth sanctuary, famed pirate John Coxen’s rumored gravesite, or any other site on the island, we’re happy to handle the arrangements and safely transport you to and from your day trip destination. Don’t miss some of the island’s most popular destinations: Gumbalimba Park and Arch’s Iguana Farm.

  • Gumbalimba Park
    Take a day trip to see and pet monkeys and parrots in the animal preserve, explore botanical gardens, enjoy water activities, and more fun for the entire family. The 20-acre beachfront park even offers a rainforest canopy zip-line for the adventurer in you!

  • Arch's Iguana Farm
    Learn about the importance of conservation while feeding iguanas and fish at the marine reserve, or get familiar with other native wildlife, including white-faced monkeys, land turtles, and white-nosed coati.

  • Roatán Rum Company
    Try free samples of artisan rums and cakes while taking in one of the most spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea.

  • Sloth Sanctuary
    The Daniel Johnson Monkey & Sloth Hangout has grown into a favorite animal excursion, including great photo opportunities with the animals.

  • Flamingo Cultural Center
    Serving as a cultural preservation site for the island’s Garifuna ancestors, the center offers insight into the local culture, history, and people. Plus, proceeds go back to the community.

  • Carambola Gardens
    40 acres and their many jungle trails offer a perfect place for hiking, wildlife and scenic photography, bird watching, or relaxation.


Boat Tours Around the Honduran Bay Islands

Venture beyond our sunny shores and get a firsthand look at Roatán’s incredible coastal and underwater life. Charter a boat and get whisked away to remote villages, Guanaja's waterfall, St. Helene’s freshwater pools and cave systems, or float aimlessly in shallow waters while the crew prepares a tantalizing meal using local island ingredients. Our boat tours include a wide array of activities and destinations, no matter what you’re interested in.


Customize Your Roatán Island Tours

We want your time spent on the island to be everything you had hoped for. That’s why we customize tours so you can spend the day exactly how you’d like. Add diving or snorkeling to your day trip or just spend some extra time out on the water—however you’d like to personalize your tour package, we’re happy to accommodate.

Let us know what you’d like to see and we’ll take care of the rest.

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